Solid Steel, Heavyweight
       Decorative Texas Stars

These 23¼" diameter stars are crafted from 1/16th or 1/8th inch thick solid steel.
 Each part is precisely cut using a computer controlled plasma torch and hand welded.  The finished product is a unique example of the metalworkers art.

These works of art are 3" deep at the center of the star. We can provide them in basic unpainted steel, beautifully polished raw steel or in any color by special order.  They can also be textured by sandblasting or through use of special textured paints.  The only limit on the possibilities is your imagination.  These quality stars will stand the test of time.

They are available as pictured, with a lighted stand for indoor display or without the stand for mounting outdoors on your home or barn (includes template for placement of mounting bolts).

Glossy Black, Full Weld (Click to enlarge)
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1/16" thick unpainted, partial weld
1/16" thick sandblasted, partial weld
Solid Weld
+ $20.00
1/16" thick stand with light fixture, unpainted (maximum 30 watt bulb recomended)
Solid Color Paint, per item
Textured paint, per item
1/8" stars and stands are available. Please contact to inquire about pricing.
Partial Weld
Polished Steel
Full Weld
Antique Brick Red
Partial Weld

Display Stand
Silver Painted
Grey Hammered Texture
Full Weld
Mounting Lugs
Partial Weld Detail